Virtual Reality and Senior Care

Until recently, virtual reality was a thing of sci-fi. Imagine how ridiculous it may have sound to suggest that, one day, anyone can be transported to anywhere to a fully interactive world where anything is possible. The future is here, and it’s taking the world by storm. Virtual reality isn’t all video games and fun either – soon there will be widespread use of virtual reality for training, senior care and much more.

virtual reality with seniors

What is it?

Virtual reality is enabled by one of two things: a cell phone and a “virtual reality box” or a headset powered by an external computer like a laptop or desktop or console with powerful hardware. Using the headset or phone’s gyroscope, the gear displays two separate video feeds (one for each eye) that dynamically moves and changes to match your head movement.

A world without bounds

This technology enables its user to be in virtually any space or area, real or fiction. Some VR solutions like the Vive, Oculus, or Playstation VR allow the user to interact with their world with strap on controllers, essentially giving users hands in their new virtual world.

VR in Senior Care

Virtual reality has not yet become a norm inside of assisted living facilities; however, West Bladen is keen on becoming one of the first. Virtual reality requires only a smart phone and a cheap headset peripheral for the phone to sit in. Virtual reality is a valuable asset for assisted living because it allows our residents to experience worlds that have otherwise been traditionally impossible for those with mobility impairments. VR affords seniors all the wonders of mobility from walking to running and even flying!

Gaming Benefits

In a previous blog post, we spoke on the benefits of gaming for seniors during the winter months. Virtual reality offers those same benefits as well. There are several simulation and puzzle games that have been made centric to virtual reality. These games and puzzles are valuable for their emotional and mental contribution for seniors.

Make an Appointment Today

West Bladen is eager to show off all of its features to prospective residents! We are absolutely dedicated to bringing the latest technologies and experiences to our residents for their enjoyment and well being. We hope as virtual reality expands into more sectors, we will be able to make it as affordable and as accessible as possible for our seniors. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (910) 863-4500.

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